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Point architects, a multi award-winning architecture and interior design studio, provides a wide range of architecture and design services, developing timeless & sustainable design solutions.

Point architects can undertake all phases of the architectural design process (schematic design development, final design development, implementation and detailed design), the required type of permit, as well as the supervising of the project until its completion aiming to deliver high quality, efficient and inspiring spaces.



Point architects provides architectural, interior, and urban design services aiming to create functional and contemporary spaces. We can provide expert support for residential, hotel, commercial, cultural and landscape projects as well as consulting, team coordination and supervision services. We can also undertake renovation projects in which, we renovate, upgrade and ensure the sustainability of existing buildings, on a low budget.

In addition, we can cover the entire design process from the initial concept through to the completion of the project, fostering a collaborative ethos and working closely with our clients. Performing our services in a rigorous and detailed manner is key to our culture, which expands beyond spatial planning, and aesthetics – encompassing a holistic approach that involves considerations as per the impact of architectural design on a local level, the environmental impact and the spatial requirements of every user.







About us

POINT architects an architecture studio founded in Patras, Greece provides architectural design services of buildings and spaces (residential, hotel, commercial, cultural, and landscape space planning), as well as interior design, and project management services.

We combine the detailed design and construction expertise with a contemporary perspective, working with modern materials and techniques in order to create personalized design proposals that tell a unique story..


If the architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing.

- Carlo Scarpa



We can provide well-designed solutions for all types of architectural contexts regarding residential, hotel or retail spaces, offices, renovation as well as interior design projects. Our design thinking focuses on efficiency, beauty, sensible use of materials, clean lines and minimalist shapes. Architecture can be traced in different regions, local culture, traditions, people and history in a unique way.

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