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C&D Pet Spa - Pet Grooming
C&D Pet Spa - Pet GroomingC&D Pet Spa - Pet Grooming

Location: Athens

Project Stage: completed

C&D Pet Spa is an out of the box architectural space with specialized functional requirements. The goal was to create a dog salon of the same logic as a hair salon for humans. The location of the store is opposite the main square of Koropi, Athens and is visible from a long distance. A diagonal glass was constructed so that the treatment area could be close to the shop window and visible to passers-by. This diagonal separated the commercial area with the reception-cashier from the pet grooming area.

Also, nature, ie the green grass "enters" from the square that is located directly opposite the store and unfolds inside like a "ribbon". The purple color dominates in the choice of materials, seats, decorations, partitions-screens as well as in the bathtubs for dogs while the white floor functions as a canvas for this special space. Specially for the pet spa, vertical shelves made of perforated sheet metal in the form of leaves were designed and made in the shop window. The space dividers have the same form.

Instead of an inscription at the main shop window, a special construction of a dog that takes a shower with neon lighting. These custom constructions can easily be reproduced in the case of franchise. The set of bespoke constructions, the choice of colors, the diagonal glass, the "green ribbon" create a warm and happy environment.

Address:149, Riga Fereou Str. / Patras / Greece


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