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Airbnb apartment design & construction
Airbnb apartment design & construction

Location: Patras | Greece

Project Stage: under construction

This is a very old apartment of 25 sq.m. 1970s, which was formed in 2020 to accommodate Airbnb customers, or students who will have high aesthetic and functional requirements.

The existing interior walls were dismantled due to the limited space in order to unify the living space and to visually make the apartment look bigger. The layout of the kitchen and the bedroom were remodeled to save space but also to give a more modern character. A basic requirement was to design the space with "clean lines" to look bigger and simpler.

The use of the bunk bed instead of the classic bed helped to create two levels in the space, saving the lower level to place a sofa. In this way the apartment is now usable, youthful, modern and full of space.

Address:149, Riga Fereou Str. / Patras / Greece


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