Historical building restoration
Historical building restorationHistorical building restoration

The building is developed on two levels with a total surface of 400,00 m². The dominant feature of the building is the minimal wooden facades.

The building is located in the historic center of Patras and has been preserved, thus preserving the character and all the morphological elements intact with minor interventions on functionality and fire safety upgrades.

Mild colors were used on the frames and on the coatings in accordance with current legislation on preserved buildings in the historic center.

In summary, the building was designed with a view to sustainable development, environmentally friendly materials were selected and electromechanical installations designed to save energy. Small-scale restorations were carried out on the reinforced concrete bearing body of the building, new heat-insulation was installed on the roof surfaces, new electrical and plumbing, as well as a new cooling-heating installation.

Location: Patras, Greece
Project Stage: Completed

Φόρμα Ενδιαφέροντος


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