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The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.

Louis Kahn

POINT architects is an architecture practice that was founded in 2017 in Patras. Point is offering services in architecture (residential, hotel , commercial, cultural, landscape), interior design, and all municipal approvals to residential, commercial, and other projects.

We combine detailed design with construction experience - a combination that leads to a distinctive design process and an end proposal, a story teller. We undertake and provide comprehensive proposals in various project types such as residential, retail, offices, conservation and restoration of buildings and hotels. We have been mentioned in publications such as kataskevesktirion.gr, ek-mag.com, elculture.gr, suckerpunchdaily.com, archisearch.gr, gooddesigngreece.com, el.ozonweb.com and archdaily.com. Our design values are efficiency, logic, beauty, honest expression of materials, and clean lines and forms that allow the architecture itself - the space, light, materials, spatial relationships - and inhabitants to thrive.


The founder of the office is Askouni Mimi, an experienced architect with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture, interior design & construction industry. Strong arts and design professional, attended at two Visiting Schools from the AA -The Architectural Association School of Architecture focused in Digital Fabrication & Kinetic Architecture. Previous work experience includes Divercity Architects and Travasaros Architecture+Construction Trac S.A. She holds a Master of Civil Engineering and a Diploma in Architecture from the University of Patras in Greece and is a licensed architect in Europe.

- Askouni Evi-Civil Engineer Phd,
- Kalogiropoulos Evangelos-Graphic Designer


Address:149, Riga Fereou Str. / Patras / Greece


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