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Ephemeral construction
Ephemeral constructionEphemeral constructionEphemeral construction

Location: Greece

Project Stage: completed

The design of the ephemeral construction using plexiglass and the possibilities of 3D printing arose from the need for protection due to Covid-19. When we are at sea during the summer months due to the pandemic it was deemed necessary to keep certain distances. This created this construction that is easily placed on the beach during the summer months and dismantled just as easily when it is no longer needed.

The modular construction (Modular Tent 2020, ModuTe20) is adapted to the needs of each user and acts as a reminder to keep the required distances. It is an individual solution for hygiene and sun protection and can be adapted to the requirements of a larger two-person model.

Address:149, Riga Fereou Str. / Patras / Greece


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